Twirling720 Lite is a 360 VR audio microphone for mobile phones


Following last year launched the Twirling720 VR sound field recorder, TwirlingVR Technologies continues to push the boundary, has just released the Twirling720 Lite, a 360 VR audio microphone for mobile phones, supporting the standard first order ambisonic (FOA) format.

According to CEO Dr. Xuejing Sun, the past two years witnessed the rise of VR audio for immersive content, and FOA B format becomes the most penetrated 360 audio format, supported by Google, Facebook, and other major platforms. Now the users are able to upload FOA audio to YouTube and Facebook 360 channels.

In the field of 360 cameras, many manufacturers have launched a panoramic camera to support mobile phones. But this has always been a missing point for audio, until the arrival of Twirling720 Lite.

Dr. Sun said: “Nowadays a smartphone has become so ubiquitous, powerful, and versatile, it can provide many advance features that are almost unthinkable in a traditional recording equipment. For example, we can leverage the motion sensors on a phone, together with our unique algorithms, to achieve optimal soundfield recording no matter how the device is positioned. It will also be possible to perform synchronized recording using multiple Twirling720 Lite units, which is a much-wanted feature we heard from our Twirling720 users.”


Twirling720 Lite not only can be connected directly to the phone, it can also connect to a computer, a panoramic camera, and other USB-enabled devices. According to Dr. Sun, Twirling720 Lite comes with a powerful software development kit (SDK), Twirling Capture SDK, such that a user can integrate this versatile microphone array into his/her app or product. The SDK provides a rich set of features including ambisonic audio processing, noise suppression, 360 degree voice tracking, beamforming, etc. In addition, TwirlingVR’s popular post-processing tools Twirling720 Studio and TwirlingWorks also work with Lite, ensuring a seamless experience in spatial audio post-production.

Twirling720 Lite currently is available for pre-order, with 50% off the regular price.

Oval Liu

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