Reality Breaking VR Journey About The History of Flight “The First Class VR” Available Now

Gripping experiential history of man’s quest for flight “The First Class VR is out now for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Beijing, China, December 14, 2017 – Zodiac Interactive, an up and coming video game publisher, curating a selection of hand-picked titles from the Indie Chinese scene, is excited to announce today that “The First Class VR” is out now! The First class VR is a one of a kind VR cinematic experience, available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which guides the users through an interactive historical story of man’s quest for flight and beyond. “The First Class VR” is available on Steam for $6.99 USD.

Steam store page:

The First Class VR is an interactive VR experience that takes the audience through the historical journey of air and space through an incredible lifelike environment built on the Unreal 4 graphics engine, which pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling by putting players in moments that define human aviation.

“We are proud to announce that The First Class VR is out now on steam and Oculus. We have worked very hard to create this incredible experience and can’t wait to receive users’ feedback.” Said An Pu, Lead Creative Producer at Light & Digital Technology.


About Light & Digital Technology

A Leading CG & Visual Effects company founded in 2014, whose artists worked on both the London 2012 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games opening ceremonies. They have been and continue to be a driving force in the future of experiential and VR storytelling.


About Zodiac Interactive

Experts in global software publishing and boasting a wealth of industry knowledge. Based in Beijing, the team is using their experience to bring quality foreign games to the Chinese market, while also identifying and enabling exciting and up-and-coming chinese developers to reach their potential in the West. The team previously worked on Tiger Knight: Empire War by NetDragon in China, Securing 1.4 million downloads on the Steam Marketplace.



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