Order Now, Dexta Robotics started to sell Exoskeleton Glove Dexmo

Source & Credit: Dexta Robotics

Dexta Robotics is a China-based company designing a new type of human-machine-interaction in the field of robotics and virtual reality. And now, their first product Dexmo is finally available on the market for order. You can order Dexmo on their official website http://www.dextarobotics.com/.

Dexmo, is a wearable mechanical exoskeleton that allows you physically touch the VR word, can run on battery power and work wirelessly for a relatively long time.

Dexmo captures 11 DoF of users’ hand motion as well as providing them with force feedback, and with it you can feel the size , shape and stiffness of virtual objects. Variable stiffness is achieved by precise motor control, and each virtual object can have their own stiffness. With Dexmo, VR immersion really could be improved greatly.

Aler Gu, the founder and CEO of Dexta Robotics, told YiVian that they started to sell Dexmo at the beginning of July, and now have already sold Dexmo for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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