Developer community VRCORE announced Jury list for VRCORE Award

Source & Credit:vrcore

The renowned China VR developer community VRCore had announced a Jury list for its 2nd year VRCORE award, includes 12 VR pioneers around the world.

Following is the full list:

  1. Raymond Pao, HTC Vive, VP
  2. Yaojin Yang, MR Senior Business Development Manager
  3. Joe McGinn, Google Daydream, Producer
  4. Xin Xin. Huawei, ARVR Chief Product Officer
  5. Wu Hao, Epic Games, GM of China
  6. Micke Hjorth, Starbreeze, Chairman
  7. Leap Motion, Leap Motion, VP of Product Marketing
  8. Tony Mugavero, Littlstar, Founder&CEO
  9. Karl Krantz, SVVR, Founder
  10. Xubo Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor
  11. Edward Saatchi, Oculus Story Studio, Co-funder
  12. aMike Fischer, CloudGate Studio, Chairman

Above is the jury list of 2017 VRCORE Awards, and all of them will do their duties to review the VR projects that submitted by developers. The official winners will be announced during a VRCore ceremony in October.

VR developer community VRCORE is attracting the best VR developers and projects all around the world, and it has been working to bridge VR community of developers by sharing their expertise, experience, and understanding of the VR industry.

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