Confirmed, HTC will launch Snapdragon 835 powered Standalone VR Headset on November 14th


[Update] Reliable source said that the Headset will feature Qualcomm’s inside-out positional tracking.

HTC is going to hold its annual conference called Vive Developer Conference (VDC 2017) in Beijing on November 14th at 9am GMT+8. And as the agenda indicates, HTC will have some important announcements on the conference.

Now, HTC’s conference poster Confirmed the launch of Standalone VR Headset for China Market, which will utilize Viveport as its official content platform. The new headset is set to deliver standalone VR experience, making it the premium device for this segment in the China market.

The Vive Standalone will offer audiences a more affordable, yet high-quality VR experience, and will expand the Vive family. Without the requirement for an external PC or smartphone to operate, the Vive Standalone will utilize advanced features of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform designed to support built-in VR functionality and allow developers to more rapidly release compelling content.

More, YiVian have also found that HTC has registered a trademark for the name “Vive M” in China that could be used to describe some sort of “head mounted display” devices. So I guess “Vive M” is HTC’s premium standalone VR headset for the China market which will be launched on November 14th.

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