3Glasses announces Windows Mixed Reality HMD Blubur S2

Source: 3Glasses

Microsoft launched its own solution to VR on Oct 17 2017, in partnership with innovative hardware brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and Samsung. Now in partnership with Microsoft, Chinese innovative startup 3Glasees announces a brand new Windows Mixed Reality headset Blubur S2, gives the marktet one more option to access fantastic VR world.

Image courtesy 3Glasses

The VR headset Blubur S2 is very light, and features a flip-up design, allows you lift the front of the headset out of your face. Alike other Windows Mixed Reality headsets, 3Glasses Blubur S2 offers the same resolution of 1440 x 1440 per eye, an LCD display, and 105-degree of field of view. With Microsoft’s impressive inside-out positional tracking technology, 3Glasses’ Blubur S2 could be a huge step in the Chinese VR market.

Image courtesy 3Glasses

Priced at 3998RMB, 3Glasses Blubur S2 is opening pre-order in China now, and the earliest window of shipment is due in February 2018, with Microsoft’s 6DOF motion controllers included.

Image courtesy 3Glasses

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